The Association Of Looseness!

So years ago I’d fight tooth and nail for an ideal. I thought that important and I’d have a narrow range of thought with most of it thinking I’m right!

I’m 49. I’ve been symptomatic most of my life. I’ve always had an overactive mind. I thought too much about little things and I think honestly it just made me a dope…I was plenty smart enough but in my teenage years that paranoia crept in and I just knew enough to keep me estranged and in trouble. Yeah I knew some things but basic living was a problem…

Getting diagnosed wasn’t a bad thing. Psychosis was a journey but you pay your dues in this world. I certainly paid mine. Nowadays though. I’m 49. Unattached and so much of what I’d call a loose person. I used to worry with the weight of the world on my shoulders like the Nietzche idea of lightness or weight. I used to think I was weight. The world bore down on me but now I am lightness…

I float through the world with ties but there’s no weight. I’m just doing my thing and love, not weight or pressure is what defines me! I’m loose as a goose most times and that isn’t a bad thing…Life without expectation can be pretty bloody cool!


Very interesting the way you put that. I used to try to be everyone’s best friend. Don’t ruffle feathers. Keep the peace at the cost of my own self esteem. Now at 35 I’m becoming my own person. There are things about myself that I struggled with for so long and I realized that it’s okay to be uniquely me and free.

No apologies.


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