The association between family dysfunction and admission to an acute mental health inpatient unit: a prospective study

I think there was quite a lot of high expressed emotion(think that’s the term) when I was ill and still living at home. There were certainly mixed messages ie my dad saying most people who weren’t in school at 18 would be working and pay for the keep. Thus I had to pay half of my disability or more for keep. This was contrasted with treating me much younger than I was in other ways because I had a mental illness.

My mother would pull the “You must be getting bad again”/“Have you taken your pills?” cards if I disagreed with her/got a little animated . My being mentally ill became another thing for my parents to use as an excuse as to why they argued with each other so much.

Very little was done to equip me for living independently . Perhaps that was the norm for how things were done in middle class families .

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