The assertiveness "game"

it helps like they say but I hate it anyways.

it’s like constant, either I assert myself or I get stepped on even by those closest to me (except my daughter who doesn’t do this to me).

it feels vicious. how do I get out of this pattern?


I can find it hard to find that balance between being assertive or being taking advantage of or walked on. I don’t think it is an easy balance. For me this becomes an issue with parenting. If I stand up for what I morally believe and what I believe the rules etc should be then I am made to feel like I’m being cruel or unfair. To make my children happy I would have to act like I have no feelings or morals to uphold. I think as long as you are not acting or reacting to things out of hurt or anger or even frustration then even though it may seem vicious you have every right to stand up for yourself and what you feel and believe in.