The Ascencion of the Atlantis mothership

So the Cybermen sound familiar to me, there ascension is assured apparently, I’m not sure if I can read this properly, it sounds worrying :frowning:

Height is between 60 and 80 per cent genetic. So called “Hobbits” (if that is not a derogatory term) were amongst the first humans in the far East and still do in some isolated communities. Ethiopians were said to be the tallest humans according to Herodotus and the longest lived. Scientists are still interested in reverting to child like proportions or cultivating giants. However such research is still in its infancy with only minor historical and contemporary experiments in foot binding and high heels. In recent years, owing to false ideas about breeding, pornographers have taken up the challenge in search of profit, which is not what science is about. Breast implants, penis extension, and the like are big earners and all part of the arms trade which I am against. Foot binding is thankfully a thing of the past, but high heels remain fashionable to some. The crossing of humans with octopuses seems like the future to many biologists, allowing us to change shape at will and communicate with pigments, but is wholly against the natural laws of mother nature. Economists, both green and blue, still argue over the merits of growth with some suggesting we should aim to reverse it. It is a fact that there are too many people in the world for life in general to be sustainable, though many of us still have faith in reproduction. Africa produces the most children, but uses the fewest resources, whilst America produces the fewest, but uses the most. Platform shoes are making a comeback as trainers, but still mostly for women. I am not sure what the answer to all this is other than to mind my own business. Britain is a nation of shop keepers after all. Thank you.

Romulan Cloaking Device Stolen

Are people so blind they can’t see Kirk’s ears lol

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