The argument complex

So I’ve realized about myself that I choose my battles correctly but don’t follow through with them as far as I’d like. For example, if someone were to get details incorrect and call me stupid, even though I have the correct information, I tend to back down with the more confrontation to my character and ability and let them make up stories to cover themselves.

So now I know I need to go to the place in my mind when it all started and take the desired outcome.

Or…you could just give no ■■■■■…and engage in verbal combat only for fun…your smart and you could royally mess someone up in a debate…but why invest time and emotion into arguing with idiots…id rather debate a smart person and even if i lost no one is butt hurt…

One weakness that’s inherent to the disease is a fluid sense of identity. We’re more easily made to feel we’re defined by the way others treat us. Try not to let it happen. Lie on the sofa for a half hour twice a week and sort through your thoughts. It sounds stupid as hell, but trust me, it helps a lot, and not just with maintaining a good sense of who you are.