The Apprentice Week 1!

So the Master and what is my boss has left for two weeks down the cricket club. I basically did all the prep for the wicket on Saturday and got some great feedback. Wicket had some nice bounce in it and everyone was giving me great feedback.

Been busy because the big ride on mower broke a bit and needs replacing right when the old boy was leaving. You just couldn’t script it any worse but it’s just more time and effort. Pulled out of cricket for this current game because I’ve too many duties with the wicket prep.

Anyways. It’s different weather this week so it will be interesting if I can sort out another good one. I know what to do now but it depends on a lot of variables…

Still. Not too bad. Went in this morning and dressed it up and it survived well. I did well with the prep week 1 and I’m happy as Larry.


Its great to hear you do this sort of stuff. I don’t know where my time goes, i remember being involved in a sportsclub when i was younger, but i lost interest. I try to manage going for walks three times a week.

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Exercise is good. I didn’t start playing competitive cricket till I was 27. I played when younger but stopped at 15 as I went to work…

Walking briskly 3 times a week is good. Get that heart rate up and keep pushing yourself. I started doing that and now I try to jog 4 km’s a day. I’m 50. You can always improve your fitness and it helps my negatives and mental health for sure…

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Yes definitely. Conscious exercise is so good. I notice the positive difference, that is for me a good reason to keep it up. Maybe i get ndis support to go to the gym and pool again.

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