The appearance of the pandemic doesn't surprise me

Too many people going around with their heads up their asses. It used to be war, but people are objecting to war. So Mother Nature stepped in with a “shake you all up” virus…


I hear ya, Chordy!

I still don’t own a phone and I’ve never texted a message before…wouldn’t know where to start.

We’ve become travellers in social media friend bubbles. Neighbors right next door don’t even know each other anymore.

Perhaps Mother Nature IS really angry at us, and is giving the world a ‘time out’ so maybe we can all reflect on the most important things in life.


Maybe. These pandemics arise every so often. I hope this one doesn’t kill many more people. It’s really sad to hear about all the deaths, some of people who are relatively young with no history of preexisting conditions

This will be a defining moment in our generation. How we handle this will define what is to come. I believe we can make it through, but we need to not panic and people need to come together (not literally).

Doesnt surprise me either, population density being what it is.


social distancing will become a norm. sad and glad at the same time.

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I can envision several good things that may arise from this Pandemic.

The United States might finally enact Universal Health Care for it’s citizens…like Canada already does now.

After this all blows over, perhaps we’ll become a kinder world in general…to each other and to the less fortunate.

And also, people now have precious time to fulfill their passions/ hobbies. We may see some great works of Music/Art / Medicine …etc…come out after this is all done.


By not letting us get to know our neighbors and only using technology? :joy::rofl:


Thats what I thought the other day! I could see this going two ways though: universal health care and maybe even universal basic income or survival of the fittest and every man for himself. Time will tell I guess

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Ten years ago it was the tsunami.

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