The antidepressants are working!

I increased my effexor to a higher dose and I’m doing much better.
I have less suicidal thoughts but I often get caught up by self-stigma.

I’m glad that I talked to my psychiatrist. Thanks to everyone who convinced me to talk to him.

Also my psychiatrist thinks my case is weird. He is puzzled that I go on long remissions on meds- maybe that my meds are working and thus I have no symptoms- and I have almost no negative symptoms or anhedonia, which is typical of my condition. It’s like, I don’t meet criteria for sza, but too complicated to meet criteria for psychotic depression, like what am I?

He even said that he wanted to examine me closely to determine what’s wrong, because he has never seen a patient like me. Interesting.

Anyway, I’m happy that my meds are working but he says I might need to do more therapy to work on my self-esteem. Just wanted to update you all.


That’s such good news ! :sunny:

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I use Effexor too. Glad it’s helping you so much. :grin:

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Glad you’re feeling better. My psychiatrist says I don’t need to focus on my diagnosis. She says that the diagnosis is only important for insurance reasons.

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Antidepressants basically numbs your mind so unable to think in depth. You need to manually let go off the needless thoughts as you can quickly build tolerance to meds needing more an more dose to feel same effect.

I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better, I was sad too seeing you so depressed.

serontonia from ad’s works, max dose

I think positive symptoms are more important than negative as criteria for schizophrenia.

I’m glad they’re working. It’s good your dr wants to get to the bottom of what’s going on. It could be very enlightening.

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I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better!

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Thank you all! 1515

I don’t know about you, but I always feel weirdly proud when I hear that from a doctor. Like, Ha, I told you I am a complicated case!

Glad you’re feeling better. hugs.

That’s great, I’m glad the antidepressant is working!

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