The answer is in asking the right questions

Let’s discuss, what do you think?


Hole in my soul …tell me what am i feeling…

I think there’s something to it.

Sometimes people seem to want to be more honest if a question is phrased the right way.

It’s also true for psychology. If a therapist sits down and asks me “So, what’s bothering you?” I’m less likely to get to the point than if they were to ask me another way.

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Yes you are right. Once I found myself in a situation that to design a cantilever porch. The Engineering consultant demanded huge amount of money for it. Than I have thought about it and I guessed I found design solutions by paranoia. I draw it and my boss was approved it. This construction is in progress.

Porch to be fix above this post.

I love you @Moonwalker !
You are my dear Portuguese friend.

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@Chess24 he is orginally from U S .

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Interesting! But the human perception of right is ambiguous at best and as of now we may never know for sure how to ask the right questions due to inherent bias across a near infinite spectrum.

Winnie the Pooh knows though

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