The ancient egyptians

“The ancient Egyptians were the ones with the best treatments for this given time period. They attempted to aid the mentally ill by engaging them in society. This includes dances, concerts, and other various social activities that might end up “normalizing” them. This civilization was truly ahead of it’s time, an argument for this would be the medical breakthroughs that they had. They treated wounds, performed surgical operations effectively, and they also assumed that the brain was the source of all mental functions. All of this can be found on the Edwin Smith papyrus and the Ebers papyrus”

I dont want to post the link… the title was ancient treatments of mi…

Compared to all other examples this is hands down the best treatment plan of the old world… thought it was pretty cool…


The treatment of mental health in the U.S. was more barbaric than the Egyptian’s up until fairly recently. There was a Clint Eastwood movie, which I assumed to be historically accurate, named “The Changeling”. It depicted some of the mental health treatment patients were forced to endure in the late 1920’s. The depiction was shockingly grim. Mental health treatment was more punishment than therapy. They gave out very crude electroshock therapy, really more as torture than mental health treatment. The whole world inside the mental hospital was appallingly grim.


And they could build a hell of a pyramid.
And treated cats well.


Used poop for eyeliner. What else? Good at booby traps.

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Every time I think of Egypt I wonder how they handled so much sunshine. In all the movies I’ve seen of it, there’s like no shade trees at all. I’m as pale as a vampire because I hardly ever get any sun. I don’t think I could handle it. I think I would be burnt to a crisp.

I think the nile shifted at some point and the sand took back the land… so it was probably alot nicer temp wise near the great pyramids and sphinx way back when… that being said it was probably still hotter there than i could handle also…


I read a trilogy of a books by Christian Jacque called Ramses.

Christian is a Egyptologist .

Ramses has a pet lion and elephant and dog and he had two wife’s.

One head wife he had a daughter with and a bi wife he had sons with.

I enjoyed reading the books as they had a lot of fact and history in them.

Not sure if that is how his last name is spelt.

I am a poor reader but enjoyed these books.

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