The amazing lifestyle of Dr Zen

Life is a balancing act Between what you know and what you think is right Truth is The simpler you make your life the easierar becomes Mine however Is constantly out going Either meeting with friends doing odd jobs Are spending time with my girlfriend I spend a good time in the kitchen Or out In the yard with the garden Health issues are best discussed with doctors Which leads me to you all The only social life Worthy To be considered My go chat


Um what the what?

It is what it is.
Let us not question the words of a wise one.

@DrZen thanks for sharing! It’s a rainy day here and yet I had to go out after work, because I was out of cigarettes. The nearest shop is closed until next Monday, so I walked a bit farther than expected. Walking does me good. I also bought cat food and some instant coffee. I’m also working on a personal project, an hour a day (keeps the boredom away). I dunno my way around a kitchen, sadly… but I am a gourmet and the shortest path to earn my respect and trust goes through my stomach :smiling_face_with_tear:


I don’t rightly know how to respond to that.


Nice picture, @DrZen


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