The ability to overcome

Why is the ability to overcome so damn desirable? I get it, but people who overcome a lot in life and achieve success are so admired in our society. I get it. But like look at a guy like Eminem. Sometimes a mix of struggling and talent can be the reason someone succeeds so much. Like Eminem obviously succeeded more with all he went through than if he was born with a different nurture to his nature… This is why 120 is considered the most creative IQ. Because 120 is really smart but it’s not guaranteed success all through life. Eminem probably has about a 120 IQ…that’s what google says. I was tested by a psychologist to have a 120 IQ. I’m coming along! We should all be inspired by people who struggled and achieved great things in life. We are smart people! Even you @far_cry0, you say you’re not smart and have your cognitive struggles, maybe you have cognitive impairment but you are very smart you have a great memory and have a really good grasp of a second language (English), and you seem full of energy and you look smart in pics. Okay lol. Peace -Chew


Yep, Far Cry is cool! :slight_smile: So are you, Big Jon! :slight_smile:

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Thanks @tomasina I like you a lot too

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I think there’s an innate, human desire to always root for the underdog.

If I remember correctly Joseph Campbell called it the “hero’s journey.”

Stories like the movie Rocky never get old. People have a strong desire to overcome the odds as they say.

And we love heroes who are able to do so.

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