The A to Z or christmas

A is for Ameretto…

B is for bayberry**

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C is for Christmas cracker.

D is for decorations

E is for EGGNOG.

F is for flatulence. Brussel sprouts and turkey being the usual cause


G is for - Golly, I hope you didn’t eat none of that stuff.

H is for Happy Holidays

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I is for Indigestion tablets…


J is for Jolly Old Saint Nick - never did like that guy.

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yeah what a creepy man come sit on my knee? no go away or ill shove a pen in your thigh. LOL
K is for KEEPING CALM. … as much as poss.

L is for Laughter or Little Star of Bethlehem.

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M is for My gosh! What did we spend all that “Money” on?!


N is for natitvity play

O is for O Holy Night

P is for Presents.

Q is for Quirky Carolers…haha

R is for “Recuperate” the thing we do after it is all over.

S is for snow…**

T is for tin drums.