The 4-day work week: Who is trialing it and does it work? | DW | 17.02.2022


I believe it increases productivity.

This would improve my quality of life if it made its way to Canada. Not that our customers will like it. I had to log into work this morning to put through an emergency claim for one of our clients who had a bad wreck with a semi and an expensive load.

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The ontario liberals here in canada are promising a 4 day work week pilot project if they get elected next time. They had a universal basic income pilot project last term when they were elected but that contributed to their massive defeat by the conservatives. Now that i think about it this is politics so if the thread is to survive it should probably be more abstract

It was already possible for Government staff in Belgium, but now for everyone. 4 days of 9.5 hours or 38 hours a week.

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