The '30 Likes Joke'

A schizophrenic walks up to a pretty woman in a Bar and says…

“Can I buy me a drink?”

(Okay. I just made that one up. Now I only need 30 likes to prove to @Nomad that I’ve got my mojo back. Start clicking away please!) :wink:


I just told my wife the joke and she didn’t get it…I’m DOOMED!

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You look like I need a drink.


Like his post @chordy c’mon!


@chordy has just upstaged me!! It’s a better line!! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry right now!


Ist sz man: My pdoc lectures at Harvard!
2nd sz man: My pdoc lectures, too.
1st sz man: Oh yeah? Where?
2nd sz man: In his office. He lectures me.


I’m curious. Whose line is funnier…mine or chordy’s?

  • Patrick’s

  • Chordy’s

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I think I might have to bow to the mighty Chordy on this one! At any rate, us old timers still got it, eh? :wink:

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Now, now, don’t take it so hard. I was only quoting a friend who told me that joke. It’s not as if it were a chordy original.

…still gave me a good buzz, though…

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Gotta wait until the Eastern Hemisphere people wake up , then you’ll get more likes

And 77nick77 is in a good mood so he tips the scales with the tenth like and Patrick can now retire from knowing that he won the contest and there’s nothing left to prove here.

A pretty girl walks up to a schizophrenic and says, " Can you buy me?". He answers, " Not now, honey, but can I please buy me a drink:? I really look like I need a drink but i won’t know for sure until next Tuesday".

This is a funny thread!

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halfway there. nice…


I’ve got half of my mojo back. If it stays up long enough, I might hit the 30 mark in a few years!

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