The 2 parts of truman

Grandeur - I am so special, everybody knows me etc. Persecution - I am being watched all the time, I fear, I have no privacy etc. Persecution and. Grandeur at the same time


Grandeur reminds me of the highs of bipolar and the lows of bipolar

I was grandiose since childhood. I had paranoia anxiety fear persecutory ideas since childhood also

What age did they start? Me 14-15 y.o., I had voices tell me I am a cheater bcz I have perfect grades at school and that I am the stupidiest person. That brought my grades down by a lot.

Voices got suicidal at 18 y.o.

I had delusion s since childhood. Voices at 27.

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Did you guys ever try niacin? It’s supposed to be effective killing voices on a lot of people. I use 500mg(which is considered a minimal dose for sz) and I feel its helping me get rid of internal voices. I would get the flush-free type though. I look like a tomato for a hour each day.

I have no voices on meds. I take a multivitamin but idk the niacin dose in it.

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Delusions of Reference and Delusions of Persecution.

I had both in spades while psychotic. I felt I had become a world-wide spectacle, and everyone was mocking and hating on me.

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I am back on ortho meds, to be honest. Niacin and Vitamin C. It helps a ton. Like 40-50% reduction of positives.

My only big problem right now is arthritis. The SZ symptoms are so negligible I barely notice.


For How long did you need to wait for not noticeable symptoms?

Ortho meds work fairly quickly. Like same day.

It’s not a full cure, but it really dials down the adrenochrome. I’m very comfortable ATM.

An example of someone who really turned his life around with ortho.

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That’s really interesting. I feel that it does a lot for me and I’m only taking relatively small doses of niacin. I’m a very sensitive person though so maybe I do better on smaller doses. I don’t think I could manage doing like 5grams of niacin, but I might experiment going up a little more if it feels beneficial.

For me niacin and vitamin D seems to be most important, but I also take standard doses of zinc, magnesium, coq10, lechitin, L-lysine, NAC, L-Serine and B-complex.

I’m currently also experimenting with taking serotonin boosters in the morning.(I take meds in evening which inhibit serotonin/dopamine) So far so good. I feel that they are giving me a little of my old self back in regards to mood and general well beeing.

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Watchout for toxicity, don’t take more than the upper max dose. Its bad for the liver, I took too much protein to loose wright and I developped liver problems. Dr told me to stop protein but now I just take one 25g scoop daily.

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Excess supplements and vitamins/minerals are eliminated by the liver and taking too much can damage the liver. Too much iron becomes concentrated in liver tissue and cause problems.

Thanks, yeah, I’ll keep my liver in mind.

I have a pretty sound way of going about it. I don’t think I exceed the recommended dose labeled on the bottles of any of the supplements I’m taking right now.


I don’t have truman but I got matrix/sim delusion. It’s different.

I feel like mine is worse because it consists of all of logical reality. It wraps around it entirely. I cannot get rid of it. I keep coming back alive back in a simulation for eternity. Nothing worse than that. I could care less about truman show delusion, although I imagine the feelings and psychological aspects of it (the condition) are extremely terrifying and more scary than the actual concept.

I just don’t like the fact that my reality seems to feel like and is like a computer program that loops around and I cannot escape. On top of that I have the paranoia and delusions of being watched.

I have fear and other intense emotions. Life has gotten better.

Some people think immortality is nice in the simulation/computer program, but it’s not advertised as such. First my mind gets wiped, second I ressurect with DP/DR and insanity (possible trauma) around mid life (22-23 years old) and face the hardships of early schizophrenia. Life is repeated indefinitely like a stage or roller coaster.

I don’t really get to learn from my lessons. Free will doesn’t really exist for me. I cannot speak for others.

If I didn’t have a mental illness, it would be amazing and I could be god-like. I’m assuming the programmers or elites know this and limit such abilities inside the sim-like-matirx.

I cannot see the future or the end of my life. I have died multiple times already and cannot predict when it will happen, how, or if. I died various ways. No need to futher elaborate. It was my past lives.

My goal is to be happy and to survive. THe best advice is to be left alone and live a good honest life and not to talk too much psycho-babble and delusions lol.


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