The 1990's was peaceful

I lived my 1990’s in America, the world was peaceful then, but nowadays we can read about all kinds of world events, gladly I am not watching the news much.


Seriously? I live in Massachusetts and have little self-protection.


I don’t know if it was necessarily peaceful. Moreso, maybe, but I think a lot of the stuff we hear about now we only hear about because of the internet.

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I liked Cape Cod, I visited there a few times, I also visited Harvard university and bought some case studies for my thesis, this was in 1991. Then we had no Internet yet, all the technological revolution was just coming.

The First Gulf War, Rwanda, Bosnia & Kosovo!


I think if you were African-American (or many other cultures) the early 90s were not peaceful. But a lot more peaceful overall than today.

Not to mention Pablo Escobar and the drug war

well I guess there was and never will be world peace but I get your point :wink:

these events in the 1990s were isolated in specific areas of the world such as Kosova, but now these events seem to be happening in places that were peaceful in the 1990’s.

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This war on drugs seems to be never ending, I have read some news from the States and there are whole cities that are struggling because of heroin and other drugs, which is sad, because there is no reason why people should use these substances.

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most of them start off prescribed with Percocet/Vicodin/OxyContin and then they get addicted, their doctor cuts them off and they switch to the cheaper heroin. Yes its never ending and just as bad today. Pablo Escobar was a terrorist though, he blew up a plane…now they’ll just kill you and throw your body in a river.

Actually more people died then, than there are now.

I am glad to live in the place where we have no such problems, this is a little place near the Russian border and it is peaceful here, some people may use too much alcohol, but we have not problems with any drugs, I have never even seen any.

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yes i would say it is probably evey large city. This is why so many people want to live in the suburbs. They try to keep kids away from it. the urban sprawl here makes so yhat a house that was in a country like community will be in highly urbanized community in ten years time. Major land developers and investors are on the swarm the last 5 years now.

I was a kid n nothing mattered. Wish I could go back there.


I was 4 years by then…

It was not peaceful for me. I was married during that decade.

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The 1990’s was not peaceful for me. I was extremely suicidal and hell bent on it in those days. The 1980’s wasn’t peaceful for me either, I was married during that decade. It’s peaceful for me now.


peaceful? are you sure?..even though I love the 90’s very much in 1945 the U.N started and things started happening. don’t get me wrong, its a good step…but look at the history of it itself (if its available)…peace only exist for those who may become one day,