The 10 fastest-growing jobs of the next decade—and what they pay

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It’s pretty depressing that almost all of these jobs require college education AND don’t pay enough to support a family.


They’re pretty niche jobs! I work in data which is a fast growing job, but I am not fully equipped with the skills for most places.

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I plan on working for myself eventually full time I prefer being the boss no job security anymore tbh

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Seems like programming and solar power is the future. I wanted to create an air-conditioning company in a past life due to a global warming ‘delusion’. I thought I’d make money. My brother thinks it was stupid. I think I made $10k a month.

Solar panels are cool and great. The technology will improve.

Programming/software developer/software engineer is the best. I think bls statistics prove this. I think some economists think statisticians are the next sexiest jobs out there. They pay well. Think data science and stuff. You can make 80+k. The problem with computer engineering and mathematicians are the low job growth/jobs available and you need to be the best of the best to make $100k+ and support a family these days, especially in expensive areas.

I always wanted to be an actuary but it’s hard with severe schizophrenia, no motivation, and cognitive decline.

Some electricians/plumbers make $100k. It’s not a prestigious job but it pays the bills.

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