The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


7984 today. 2000 to and from work. Maybe 900 at home. The rest going back and forth at work today as it was crazy again. I think I was in every office but my own. I hate the weeks where I have to help out in registries.


Hardly done any steps last couple of days. Need to get back in the swing of it , but struggling to motivate myself.


Trying to do steps but step counter not counting lots of steps . It’s rather temperamental re

  1. When you are walking /running, the hands should swing in the same frequency as the feet, otherwise the accuracy of
    the steps recorded will not be correct.

Also it will tend not to record steps for rather short distances or if you’re carrying something when walking. The other day I was synchronising my arms and legs just right but today it’s just not working out . 20% or more of steps are not being counted.


If you’re running think of you’re arms as pistons firing your legs. It helps😊


6642 steps today so far :slight_smile:


I’m not running. Even with the active 10 you have to do a 1000 steps per 10 minutes for it to be seen as brisk walking. That’s hard to judge if the damn pedometer is ■■■■■■■ temperamental. The whole idea that you have to synchronise your arm and leg movements just right is ridiculous, as are the other shortcomings mentioned .


Why are you on beast mode. I’m trying to apologize and yet explain. I don’t like feeling irritable towards others. Trying to improve oneself and offer to help others I think is growth i our day and age. Admitting yet alone recognizing your flaw is HARD


Did 60 x down kitchen and hallway which I know is 17-18 steps. So should be 1020 steps at 17 steps. Pedometer registered 682 steps. So roughly 33% not counted! Previously registered 10008 .Hard to tell how many steps done so far. Could be 1710 to 2220.


I’ve walked 4.300 steps today, but it’s only barely 1pm, so there’s still time to get to 10K


My cardiologist said most pedometers, fitbis arent entirely accurate. No need to be frustrated…the point is you did an awesome job, a pedometer usually I would say as close but not crystal.


Good job. You are really motivated


Are phones pedometer apps based on GPS? Idk just asking…

The 10,000 Step Club (trackers and apps)

So far, wow this thread is awesome


I honestly don’t know and wouldn’t trust the Internet. But my Fitbit and a friend’s iPhone came up with different numbers…I know they’re supposed to be pretty accurate but not completely. Kinda frustrating I know


10 laps of hallway and kitchen. 122 steps, should be 170. 28% short.

@Freedom-of-speech of speech I am not in beast mode. Was just pointing out I’m not running.


And I’m not allowed to run. Stupid heart.



Thanks for letting me know. It’s hard right now cuz it’s “hard to change”…acceptance is always hard too. I’m really trying to be better!


I’m sorry I have heart problems, too :cold_sweat::face_with_head_bandage::sob:


2420 recorded , allowing for 30% error rate 3146 steps brisk walking.


Awesomeness. And thanks again for clarification. You’re really working hard and I honestly can’t run anymore. It’s just too hard with my meds. I get hot to easily and can’t run on treadmill because meds make my mind to muscle impaired. I could get really hurt.