The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


@MrSquirrel , that fitness tracker is hot.

I converted my treadmill to a standing desk, did a half hour on it, and fell in love with the thing. Probably going to do this 10k step challenge.

Just ordered a new USB cable for my fitbit, will join the fray in 2-4 weeks.


I only had 3265 steps today but I am going to get cracking once I get back home and will walk the dogs again. I am going to use my wife’s elliptical machine to though. I don’t think my iPhone will count that but I am going to try to do 15 minutes twice a day.


Met my weekly goal


It’s not as good as a Fitbit. It doesn’t track stairs, ever. I mean EVER. The one time it counted me going up steps, I hadn’t gone up steps. It doesn’t track heart rate as well as a Fitbit, either. And the Samsung software isn’t as good. Won’t buy another.

4000 odd steps today. Wasted the day at the in-laws. Pardon me while I go pound an emergency Ativan. I’m really starting to hate my goddamn in-laws.


5008 steps brisk walking. Will slow down now.


I hour of lawn mowing. OMG I’m so out of shape.


Only 3,191 steps yesterday.
I can do better.


Past 3 days I mountain biked 51.1kms , climbed and descended 2,369 vertical meters. In around 7.5hrs (riding time).

Now I’m takin 4 or 5 days break. I’m training for a mountain bike trip this summer that I’m doing with some friends. And I need to be in endurance shape as it’s 3 days of riding of around 25kms a day :laughing:

Wheeew I’m toast :joy:


Maybe put Vaseline or something on your legs so it doesn’t rub, or wear some form of non friction shorts or pants


Man, exercise really does improve heart rate


6,589 steps or 4.87 kilometers in 1-hour.

Not my best or worst.


5008 brisk walking 4298 non brisk walking = 9306 steps


i walked for two hours and twenty minutes in the ungodly heat and it says i took over 13,000 steps so i think im doing pretty good



Not such a good day. Finding my hips and lower back are aching with the extra walking I’ve been doing. 3638 steps(3015 brisk walking).


Take a day or two to heal up as needed. Dude, you’re rocking it!



Only 5,000 steps today. Damn thunderstorm had me inside after work where I did stairs


11762 yesterday. Long day.


13500 yesterday. Not walking over lunch today - high winds. Don’t want a face full of grit.


Way to go pix I’ve never gone that high. I took a 1hr walk yesterday ,… 10000 for the day