The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


Yes, ideally, if you don’t have a heart condition, you should want your heart rate to go up. A lot. If you find walking for an hour boring, you should try high intensity interval training. Takes a few minutes and is probably a lot better for your heart and for staying in shape. You don’t need any equipment for this either. You can do it indoors.

Walking is probably mostly relevant for people with severe physical handicaps. Like being so obese it actually does make your heartrate go way up. Or for people who don’t want to do anything exhausting. Better than doing nothing, I guess.


I worked out for an hour and it felt good. Got anxiety out. I got some good sleep off and on, and stuck up for myself like an adult and not beastmode


This is why I listen to my music playlist which is more than an hour and keeps the cardio exercise interesting.

Well, it’s just one of those consecutive days where my mind says “go run” but my body is saying “no, feet & leg pain”. I’m getting old and cannot run like my younger years. I didn’t bother counting the steps for today since the distance was under 4km.



Mountain bike ride :blush:


Wowzers. Great to see everyone posting!

6700 today. Had to drive to work again as I had lunch hour meetings around town. Next week I’m back to walking and it is hopefully warmer! It was 2C this morning, felt like -2C with wind chill. Yuck!


So far the pedometer is now working. Found out if I put my arms straight down the side of my leg it works.Have so far down 3094 steps. I think with my previous calculations I had underestimated. I was saying 12 steps down the hallway and kitchen but it’s actually 18. So when I said 3000 it was nearer 4500.


Yesterday and last Friday


Now approximately 3641. I say approximately because the pedometer is erratic. You have to get your arms just right for it to register . I carried a plate from the kitchen to the lounge and nothing registered. This was because one arm wasn’t down by my side. Even with arms down by the side you have to position them just right. All in all it’s still rather useless in terms of getting anything like an accurate step count.


7377 steps so far


7,946 steps or 6.5 kilometers in 1-hour burning 741 calories.


8.386 steps so far today :slight_smile:


I lifted til sweat dripped like tears. It felt Good! W/u 10 min then stretch. Allotted 1 hr for weights. C/d 10 min then stretched


I got some kind of weird cramp in my side yesterday, so I’m not going to walk again until it goes away.


I’m sorry. Never push yourself to the point of injury. Take care :hugs: too many care about you!


5223 recorded. Allowing an extra 5-10% for steps that weren’t recorded due to the erraticism of the pedometer=5484-5745.

Credit score

It’s one of those things that isn’t serious, but it will get worse if I push it.


Final step score for the day 8486- 8890 allowing for margin of error.


Perhaps I’ll have to cut down a little. Changed into sleep lounge wear and found quite a lot of blood on my underwear. Right crease of leg was bloody. Just googled and it seems it’s due to legs/thighs rubbing together when walking.


Prolly so. Take it easy and try not to get down🤗


Yeah maybe you should start off slow @firemonkey.
Aim for 4000 to 5000 steps or less in the beginning.