The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


Boy that was hard today! Just managed to do 255 lengths of the kitchen and hallway -84/83/ 88 which is about 3060 steps in about 10 minutes x 3. Some days it’s like I’ve had an energy drain.


Why don’t you purchase an inexpensive step tracker @firemonkey?
It could help with motivation a bit.


I’ve looked at cheap trackers on ebay but they seem to take about 6-8 weeks to be delivered . Looked on Amazon for a good quality tracker using Amazon prime and found on for about £11. Went for the watch option as the clip on pedometers tend to fall off and break. I like my current watch for time keeping so will wear other one on other wrist just to count steps.




I’m definitely behind the eight ball this week. Only got about 4000 steps today. Been driving around delivering the flower baskets my daughter sold as part of a fundraiser. Looks like I’ll be doing that tomorrow, too. I hope she’s not as successful selling them next year because this is a pain in the arse.


7,564 steps or 5.59 kilometers in 1-hour burning 550 calories.

I took the day easy and walked instead of running.


I reached my 10.000 step goal at 7pm or so, so my guess is I’ve had at least 13.000 today :slight_smile:




Just passed 6300.


6,887 steps or 5.09 kilometers in 1-hour burning 488 calories.

Hamstrings were sore and my body didn’t feel like running so I walked at a slower pace than yesterday. I also didn’t eat before my cardio session so I had no energy to expend. At least I put in the time to do cardio. Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good run.


7000 steps. Stayed within calorie targets. Worked a full day and got a photo shoot in.



Well that was a ■■■■■■■ waste of £11. Just got the pedometer watch and tried it out by walking up and down the kitchen and hallway . Half the time or more it doesn’t record any steps. I thought it might be due to arm movement but that makes no difference. It’s ■■■■■■■ pointless if it won’t count all my steps.


Just looked at the instructions . Under ‘margin of error’ it says “When you are walking /running, the hands should swing in the same frequency as the feet, otherwise the accuracy of the steps recorded will not be correct.”

Like how am I ■■■■■■■ supposed to be able to ensure that?


Download a free app on your phone


I haven’t got the phone(one a granddaughter lent me) as the other granddaughter has got it because she bust hers. Even If i I had it I’d have no clue how to download and use an app


I’m being told that a £11/$14.90 pedometer isn’t likely to be much good/very accurate. If so I guess this fitness thing is yet another means for companies to rack up the profits.


Yesterday I walked back and forth in my room for an hour. I will probably do the same today.


In the mood to give up on this. I can’t accurately gauge 1.5 miles/3000 steps which is supposed to be about what you are supposed to do for the active 10(10 minutes x 3).


oh finally this topic!

4463 today so far
9529 yesterday
and 14183 day before

usually i take 7-8k steps daily IF i do my walking-in-the-forest routine

i use google fit btw


I just walked back and forth in my room for an hour. I don’t know how many steps that was, though.