The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


Why did u suspended your self…!!! Did somebody hurt u …!!!


Nope, I needed a short break :blush:


Are u preparing to be suspended again. .??
Is it true…!!!


No, I feel ok now :slight_smile:


Are u on pills or injection. …???


@far_cry0 you can pm me anytime in private I mean :slight_smile:


8,310 steps or 6.74 kilometers in 1-hour burning 749 calories.



8200 today. Walked over lunch, but used car to and from work today because I had to run Mrs. Pixel to and from the dealership – getting the oil changed in the Caravan. My general health is up from a couple of weeks ago and my pants are two belt notches tighter. (I’m just going by clothes size.)


17,069 low day for me, tomorrow will be better. Hoping to be around 22k tomorrow.


6,573 Not bad for me.
I walked quite a bit today.


Awesomeness ou can do it!


I walked to the fridge and back several times today :relieved:


Did you break a sweat?:thinking:. Sarcasm just fuels the taking better care of myself mentality. Thanks :hugs:


Something that hasn’t been asked and is more relevant to those of us without a pedometer : What counts as a step? Is moving your left foot forward and then your right foot two steps?


To me counting steps isn’t the point, doing something for your health is, so look at it however you want to, the post is to take a step towards a new you


9,408 steps or 7.63 kilometers in 1-hour burning 902 calories.


I’m in bed now no more steps. Oh and by the way, “pași” means steps :wink:


Only 4000ish yesterday. Walked to and from work, but had appointments during lunch and in evening. Ate up all of my walking time. Not bothering to log steps today as I have to take my car to work. 4-H fundraiser flower order is in and I’ll be picking up flower baskets over lunch and then delivering this evening.

Hoping to get back to walkies tomorrow.


Left foot = 1 step
Right foot = another step

That’s how my Samsung (and formerly my Fitbit) log steps.