The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


I walked back and forth in my room for an hour earlier tonight. It’s just the kind of exercise I would need if I ended up on the road again - training to walk long distances. Of course, being indoors with an air conditioner isn’t going to get me ready for the road, but the walking would help, if I decided to do that.


8.1 kilometers = 10,000 steps. A FitBit, Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, Garmin or regular pedometer are used to count steps.


7,953 steps or 6.45 kilometers in 1-hour burning 705 calories.


Only 5500 so far today, but 4000 came from raking our yard. My arms are so dead right now.



Got myself a Fitbit. Should help with my Fatbutt


Looks like either an Alta or Alta HR.


30 minutes brisk walking indoors and 5-10 minutes slightly less brisk walking outdoors.



Purchased my fitbit midday and got in a good 7k steps !! Plus I got outside a lot .


I snowshoed 14 kms today and 800 meters vertical. It was awesome my first time snowshoeing and it was in the Alpine.
My legs are toast! :yum:

If I averaged the steps it’s like more than 17,000 steps :fearful::joy:

I’m gonna be hobbling around for like 4 days


6900 steps. Lots of raking, shoveling, and carting stuff around the yard. I am SO whipped.


I’ve been going pretty hard and hitting high numbers. Still figuring out how to copy to post here. I’ll get on it tomorrow and figure it out.

I get up at 5 am everyday with an alarm and just walk whilst watching tv. I’d love a treadmill but don’t have the bloody room so it’s just walking but it helps!


I discovered that when I play drums it counts steps because the hit of the stick on the pads is so similar to a foot on the ground. I’ll be taking off my Fitbit when I play, which is inconvenient because I suck at putting it back on.



8,890 steps or 7.21 kilometers in 1-hour burning 846 calories.



3500 steps, but stayed within calorie budget. Was busy with a creative project today.



I have akathisia so…


Welcome back @anon51414962… whats new thing happening in your life…!!!


Thanks @far_cry0 nothing new. Just enjoying life :wink: