The 10,000 Step Club (post your steps)


This is an old news but it suggests:

With Active 10 you don’t need to count steps. You simply aim to do three brisk 10-minute walks a day.

Maybe members like @firemonkey can do three brisk 10-minute walks a day instead of 10,000 steps a day?


That’s better than I’ve done. I’ve managed 25 minutes before getting fed up and quitting. I’m struggling to see how anyone can do the 140-150 minutes worth of fairly brisk walking a day to reach the 10,000 steps, but obviously people do. Walking outside in the limited area I do I reckon I would do about 680-800 steps(it’s hard for me to judge distance but it’s less than half a mile there and back). Then when I do go out it’s usually to have a coffee and a breakfast out.
On a Thurday/Friday I go to the supermarket with a granddaughter. I guess I do a few steps round there but still I guess less than a thousand. I am not someone who finds it easy to go walking for walking’s sake . Even if I did I’d have to go backwards and forwards about 14 times a day to reach 10,000 steps given the area I feel safe walking in.

I really admire those who can fit in the 140-150 minutes walking required a day who are doing so well on this thread, but for me it just seems such an impossible task to walk for over 2 hours a day day in day out.


Hey Tim, They aren’t the most accurate but 10,000 steps is a little under that! I do 45 minutes for 6000 at a brisk pace. So two a day will get me my 11,500. Gps wise it’s roughly about 10k’s in the end…

I think your selling yourself short in those numbers.


@Plumber That or a 1x 30 minute brisk walk is something I could do indoors. When I’ve walked indoors fairly briskly I’ve definitely felt like my heart rate has gone up and I’ve been more out of breath(I’m not sure whether that is a good thing).


@rogueone I’ve just done a rough calculation and I reckon I’m near as can be on the 1.5 miles- 3 x 10 minutes schedule. Just done my first active 10. Of course us oldies can’t quite match the pace of you relatively young ones .


Mate. I get up at 5 am here and do a lot of walking in an 8 square house to get me going. Turn on tv and walk as fast as I can whilst walking hard. There’s always something you can do to improve your health and walking is a great way of doing it!

Half an hour a day is good…Can’t go wrong but three times a week is better. I know that is changing as we learn more but it’s a good start!


10,000 steps is 8km. It would take me over an hour to complete that and I’d be running too. But also walking doesn’t increase the heart rate to maximum performance or burn as many calories. Walking 5.6km/h raises my heart rate to just over 100bpm but under 110bpm.



Did 10minutes brisk walk indoors this morning and 20 minutes just now. The 20 minutes was hard going so may try for 10 minutes x 3 tomorrow. The problem for me will be remembering to schedule it in. This for me though is more achievable than 10,000 steps.


Yesterday 26522
The day before 20045
Will make goal today
Very tired


Wow that’s a lot of steps @Thanna!
Are you sure it’s not mania?!?!

Good for you though!



Good going @Berru!


Thanks! I took a walk with a friend today in a forest that had a lot of small hills, really got my pulse beating!


UNot sure
Do not usually work out this much only in hospital
I have the idea that I’ve never actually been fit
I have been but was obese a while
And I think the people saying ‘no pain no gain’ is not correct to say it isn’t
I think those people are wrong
I’ve always stopped short of real body obsession but I do have that now
I didn’t stop for a half pint yesterday which is different from any mad walking in the past
I’m switching to abilify at the moment
Bit scary how much I’ve been lacking insight with more frequently hearing people comment about me at length


I don’t like women, but I do like children.
So I’ll base my strategy on that.


My parents are out on vacation touring. They said they walked 22,500 steps today :fearful:


5,906 steps or 4.79 kilometers in 40 minutes burning 557 calories.





Did you put your reply in the wrong thread?



@MrSquirrel, hi, I want to know how much kilometers in 10000 steps. I am going some times to local stadium in the morning walk. Its about 4 km of walking. But I don’t find any improvement in blood sugar and health. I also want to know the device which count the steps.