Thats why there's a war between the left half and the right half of the brain

Which side is the mad one? The two don’t know. But they’re always accusing each other.

If the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body then only left handed people are in their right mind.


The crux of the issue is the eyes. If the left eye is in charge of depth perception, then the right mind believes the world mathematical. The left mind is in conflict with this… “No.” It says. “It isn’t mathematical. Its art.”

You go cross eyed.

The third dimension… Distance. Meaning… Math.

And I think the artistic minds grows lonely… among all the numbers.

Who will win the war though? Right or left?

I doubt its about winning. Its about cognizance… Both are right. Both are wrong… They have to figure it out together.

The two of them make the fourth dimension.

colin wilson, the bi cameral critic.
he said one or the other side could be damaged,


then you get stuck on one side
and can’t get to the other side.

so a guy wrote a book called brain stuck or something,
said it was the cure for ocd,
just put cold water in the ear,
it’ll activate that side;
you’ll see which side is damaged.

so i tried it,
right side was damaged,
cause i felt lost and depressed
when i put the water in and activated that side.

i live on the other side,
alternate left brain built to take over
for the broken right brain.

of course that causes anomolies

What about us who are ambidexter. Use both left and right side of the brain? Is that harmony or just freeky? :wink:

Sorry to spread the bad news that the entire “left brain” / “right brain” has been refuted by science:

It’s the foundation of myriad personality assessment tests, self-motivation books and team-building exercises – and it’s all bunk.

Popular culture would have you believe that logical, methodical and analytical people are left-brain dominant, while the creative and artistic types are right-brain dominant. Trouble is, science never really supported this notion.

Now, scientists at the University of Utah have debunked the myth with an analysis of more than 1,000 brains. They found no evidence that people preferentially use their left or right brain. All of the study participants — and no doubt the scientists — were using their entire brain equally, throughout the course of the experiment.


More information on this topic:

yeah there’s plasticity of mind,
we can come up with all kinds of config’s for the brain,
holographic universe had this example
of a person with multiple personalities,
when you do the MRI the different personalities
use the brain in completely different ways.
maybe you can’t say we all use the left for math and the right for art,
but there is specialization in the brain,
the broccas area full of language is on the right side only,

brain science may be a web of darkness,
so to see more clearly,
look outside, all around you,
in the universe, there is “handedness”,
the molecules in space all perferentially twist to the right,
the majority of us right handed
doesn’t mean there’s no ambidexterous,
my favorite proof of handedness in the universe
was revealed by science a couple of years ago
and called “dark flow”, dark as in we don’t know why,
but there is a preferential flow for all the galaxies in the known universe,
down toward the lower left side of the map,
the handedness of the universe.

i read that left handed people r more prone to mental illness. is that another myth admin?

I studied a book in college called “thinking with the right side of the brain” and it had assignments we did in studio where we took photos and turned them upside down to sketch/ paint them…the photos done upside down were “exact and detailed” . The book’s premise is that the right side of the brain is intuitive, and the left side rational…I still do portraits upside down from time to time and have extreme success with it…(try it, even if you can’t draw…you will be surprised!)

Nope - the Left Handedness link with mental illness is fact:

Don’t the smart people (not sure what kind) say art + mathematics are the same?

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“But according to Webb, a child and adolescent psychiatry fellow at the Yale Child Study Center with a particular interest in biomarkers of psychosis, “a striking of 40% of those with schizophrenia or schizoaffective disorder are left-handed.””

That article didn’t prove a link between left handedness and sz at all! Forty percent isn’t even half…

I did a drawing of an up-side-down picture. I liked it much better than the one that I copied.

I can get more accurate detail drawing upside down…pob, did you do the picture upside down just now, or was it something you’ve done before? (I mean, did you try it after I talked about it, or did you just try it one time?)

No. I did it a number of years ago, from the book Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I’m not good at drawing, however my up=side-down picture had more expressive lines + more character.

i just threw some daisy seeds in between my right brain and left brain in the slight gap inbetween, and now when there is an argument they can argue over a beautiful field. ( thanks dark sith, " thats okay ", says dark sith.)
take care

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This makes me feel better. I can still be good at math and still be hilarious

What Do You Call a Boomerang That Doesn’t work?
A Stick :wink:

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