That's why I have mainly positive experience with voices

The striking difference was that while many of the African and Indian subjects registered predominantly positive experiences with their voices, not one American did. Rather, the U.S. subjects were more likely to report experiences as violent and hateful – and evidence of a sick condition.


I grew up with Eastern religions.
I also have some negative voices but not as much as Americans and other European countries do

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yeah, predominatly here, negative, bad, crying, screaming

death and suicide

don’t understand people who want to keep good voices

they were never good.

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How else do the spirit world suppose to contact us.

it’s a crazy world and… it’s getting crazier

Edit what i mean is the disconnection with nature and the rule over of by the wealthy elite. Saying no more.

the leaving of religion behind in this new generation

is a tell tale sign that powers of authority are not hitting their mark.

Pop culture is making everything relevant again.

Americans and Europeans have strong sense of ego and individuality whereas eastern cultures don’t

I never heard too menacing voices. I heard women talking giggling laughing and whispering a lot. I heard this study before. My friend Markos who was Greek shared it with me before he died. Weird.

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Thats interesting! I heard only one terrifying voice once, and a loud thought that was helpful and protective, and loads of terrifying delusions. I want to have playful, positive voices and delusions.

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Yes, one needn’t apologize for hearing a friendly voice guide and befriend you. It may be real. Porpoises do it all the time to communicate.

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My voice friendliness seems to be directly tied to how much pain my head is in. When it makes me bitchy, the voices normally follow suit. When my pressure is nice, they are mostly nice.

I’m East Indian by the way.

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Sometimes I have nice voices that tell me good things. Some voices are neutral, saying random ■■■■. Some voices are mean or seem evil. The voice I hate the most is the one that calls me a pedophile whenever I even look at children. That one could be OCD though, I’m not sure. All of my complex voices (that is, voices who say actual words) are thoughts, though sometimes they are loud and seem to be coming from inside my ear. I hear mumbling voices too, but that might be tinnitus.

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My voices have also called me pedophile.

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It’s awful. I hate that I can’t even look at children without being attacked. Everyone thinks kids are cute. That doesn’t make you a pedophile. So why the hell does my brain do this to me?

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I think it’s a brain inflammation thing. If your brain is inflamed you start having more intrusive thoughts and thinking too hard about what not to think about, which makes you think about them, leading to stress around children.


You think it’s just inflammation?

Inflammation and demyelination possibly. They both stress the brain out.

What makes you think it’s brain inflammation?

Just talking from experience. I have it and it makes me think bad thoughts.

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Ah, I see. Do you think that’s why you have your headache too? I personally don’t imagine that there’s a single cause for mental illness. I think there are different causes in different people.