THATS IT, Ive decided to leave the country

I sat and cried and cried the whole day today. I was terribly depressed the whole day.

I know my family would come after me 1 day or the other. Then I thought about the people in this country and they will never give up their false beliefs, prejudices, narrow mindedness and will instead brand mentally ill to those who do not match their mentality.

I do love this country but I think I have had enough. I am 32 and not getting any younger. I have only a few years of productive life left. Yes I do have DD and extreme anxiety but I believe the place is not helping me. My belief system (Buddhism) is vastly different from the Brahmanism/Hinduism in this country and people dont like me following that.

This is it, I cant take any more risks. I will seek employment in any goddamned country but mine. I am stuck in a problem and cant leave the country now but it should be sorted out in the next few months.

In the meanwhile, I’ll start contacting agencies and brokers that help me immigrate to any other country. Will start it tomorrow. I have decided now folks and friends.

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Cheer up man! Things will get better! Just keep working on yourself and try to learn useful skills and you’ll find a decent job eventually!

Where did you say you’re from again, India?

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Where do you want to go?

Prefer New Zealand, Australia, Dubai, Middle east, UK…

Yes India 15151515151515

USA is hard to get into.

I forgot Canada , Canada is good place to goto.

Im in country now (midwest us) and when I get some down time allotted to me im thinking maybe the south pole sounds good.

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I think all countries in North America and Europe are pretty strict on immigration and foreign workers… and Dubai I’ve heard is really bad for foreign workers. Australia does not like immigrants either.

believe me YOU ARE BLESSED, You know honestly sometimes I really really really feel that you guys are lucky…I mean im not trying to be insensitive but I dunno it shouldnt be so hard for you folks in Developed i mean life is easier…think about me…living in 3rd world places.

you guys really need to pick urself up.

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hmm yeah I know its gonna be awfully difficult.

There are plenty of people in developed countries who have had rough lives, you know. Money and opportunity doesn’t fix everything.

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Of course @Treebeard I am not saying that money is the solution for everything. But I am talking about the prejudices, narrow mindedness, insensitivity and many times brutality seen in 3rd world countries and especially mine…I definitely believe the environment is a lot many times better in developed places …

of course I know it may hurt you guys that I am planning to come somewhere to where you stay…I can understand you guys…I do know immigration is a big deal and folks don’t like it.

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I’m just concerned that you will make things a lot worse for yourself by leaving… I think you should at least think very deeply on where you wish to go. Maybe a rich country is a waste of time, and some of them will try to take advantage of you (modern slavery is the worst case scenario)

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@Treebeard I dunno I have a capacity to work quickly in my field (software) so I think I should be able to manage the work load given to me (no matter how much).

I also believe I have the capacity to live alone. Atleast in a developed place, I wont be bothered by my family and prejudiced folks who are hell-bent on destroying you 24*7. I can concentrate more on the activities that I wish to do …there are plenty …Of course I will lose out on charity but that is something that I can do from abroad too…by transferring money online to India etc…i mean communications is not that hard nowadays…So it does look a good deal for me to move abroad.

I get where you are coming from @Treebeard. But if I am lucky I might NOT end up being a scapegoat for someone. If I do, then its ok…Will have to work a bit more …thats not such a bad thing…I mean you win some you lose some, right?

Be careful if you sign up for a contract in the middle east. I’ve heard of horror stories of people immigrating to dubia and ending up virtually slaves. Mostly people from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India.

I have personally spoken to a few folks I know of, who have ended up in the slavery you speak of @Bipolar_Bear, and they told me they prefer to put up there no matter how bad it was cause returning to India would be even worse!.

WOW! I never realized it was so bad in India!

Is there not states in India you can immigrate to that have better living conditions to where you’re currently living?

yeah you’ve been fed propaganda that India was good for IT, Software etc. The reality is that - Software Industry makes up only 0.001% of the workforce (in a country of 1.35 billion people) and the rest are pretty much in a disastrous condition. I dont want to specify more but just be aware that it is worse off than Sub-saharan africa - in fact infinitely more bad .

But the issue is not that – not the money. The issue is the soul - Which has gone away from generations back. Brahmins who rule the country (since the time Buddhism fell in India i;e around 800 AD) have killed the soul of the nation. Now who live here are barbaric animals who have no understanding of human behaviour and are actually worse off than many animals.