That's it I say uncle

Well after being destabilized for 2 months I guess I’m finally to the point where I just don’t care about anything else and just want to be stable so I’m going back on rexulti. It’s just too hard to find a medicine that works and I’m weary. So I guess there’s a new medicine for td that I will be taking along with it, but I don’t know the name of it yet. I’ll let everyone know about it when I get it. Wish me luck that the rexulti still works.

What’s td? Tardive diskinesia?

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yes, you got it right

That’s terrible. Td is embarrassing. I guess I just didn’t want to make anyone else feel uncomfortable being around me. But I have been so unstable I haven’t wanted to be around anyone anyway. The td wasn’t really that noticeable I just didn’t want it to get worse and be permanent. But rexulti stops me from suicidal ideation/gestures. That’s a pretty significant reason to take it even if I do get td. I chose vanity over stability and I think I chose wrong especially considering theres a new med for td. I guess I’ll be starting that in a few weeks if the td starts back up again with the reintroduction of the rexulti.

I hate med side effects and withdrawals. I just want the good feelings and positive effects. Now I need Seroquel just not to feel sick and to be able to sleep.

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I tried Seroquel many years back and it just made me so sleepy and I gained a bunch of weight. I remember I got on this homemade chocolate chip cookie kick. I didn’t like them until the next day, but then I would eat like ten of them. I just couldn’t stop eating all the cookies, it was like a compulsion. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time with Seroquel.

you should try generic prolixin (fluphenazine) works wonders for me and no side effects.

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