That's it, desserts

Printed out three cookie recipes and 3 candy recipes. I’ll make only one cookie recipe and one candy recipe. i think I’ll make the ginger snaps and then chocolate fudge. Both look surprisingly easy. I just need to buy an 8 x 8 pan for the fudge but there’s a Big Lots store 5 minutes from my house; I’ll pick it up there. Can’t wait!


Have fun @77nick77!

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Sounds yummy! Enjoy! Pics when you’re done?


Sounds great Nick!

Are you new to treat making?

It’s a skill I’ve never had but always wanted.

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Best of luck ! !

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good luck with making the fuds =)

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When I lived by myself years ago I did a lot of cooking including cookies or candy occasionally. So I’m not new to it but I don’t do it as often now.


That’s cool. Good luck!

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Your house is going to smell so good!

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