That's Entertainment!?

I had a vision once that scared me for life. It was a room of people around a table eating as fast as is possible and cooks coming and replacing their plates over and over endlessly, like they had a bottomless stomach and were ferociously hungry. I must remark the food did look delicious. Was this vision made for me to warn me to stop desiring knowledge? That it never satisfies and I will suffer the same fate as those people? I have a nasty habit of consuming sacred knowledge because I find it amusing. I am a person who lacks reverence. I have stopped my pursuit in books of religion, but I always, always want to learn more and more and more even from the newspaper. I think I like the power. And I like to be cognizant. Am I in trouble?


I doubt it. Nothing wrong with learning new things.


Does learning make you feel stimulated, or empty? Learning is always a good thing in my opinion


That’s “fun”.
I do the same as you. I do it to “fill” myself. You know, there are psychoanalytic explanations, but I don’t really believe in them. It’s just the fact of loving learning, of loving knowledge.

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you’re never too old to learn =)
So i think learning is a good thing… being hungry for information is good i think.

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Yes, I see it was stupid to think learning too much is bad. I just worry about pride. I worry my mind will expand too much. My voices told me it was bad to be too intellectual. And I wondered if it might damage my Imagination. But I love reading too much to ever give it up. It took a lifetime to learn to read because of my illness. It’s good to disobey the voices. It’s primarily a conscious mind activity, and we need that so dominated by the subconscious as we are. I stopped believing my voices are anything but me. I face the reality I am all alone in my room and it’s not unbearable. It’s a damn miracle.

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