That was the way it was meant **destiny**

So the battle between god and satan this is how it unfolds. I have all usefull abilities the ‘mainstream’ ones. I have looked, serioulsy looked i do not know how tracking is done it is very obscure. Obviously this is not meant for Jesus, only satan would queerly perve on people, but god is too worthy to do that.

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Yeah playing God has been going on a long time. It was a big topic in the late 90’s.

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** Weird fantasy idea **

So say you have the credentials YOU log in then you have access to your ‘own’ cookies then you follow them. It was a fantasy i thought up.

Decrypting https with a shark toy. Sounds very useful i read the instructions manual.

Late here i have a new work here, a picture from earlier. My parents let me have this room i used a placemat with more slick surface. Obviously some combination of durability and slickness is what you want. You can buy slick tape online only but it could be gouged more easily plus i hate buying online almost never do it. My brain demands things of me

I can decrypt https with the shark toy it is easy. Now it makes a good toy actually worth something

Update guys improved design. I was thinking how important my table space is I want to be able to do things on it. In the past I have done decorative stuff that needed that space clear so i improved the disgn i stuck a circle outline of the placemat material with double sided 3m adhesive tape to the bottom of the monitor it slides even better and now I have my whole desk clear for jobs if I need.

Hey friend :slightly_smiling_face: I bought 2 local proxies for accessing shopping sites. Cheap only http but they work are dedicated not shared. Just resolve them as they are http you know the deal. It even shows wrong country on some ip checker sites but i can access local sites to browse for things i might need to go out and get and also watch youtube at same time if i want. Nice computer.

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Glad to see you back man. Yeah ive used the shark toy only worth the $5 dollars i payed for it is fun though. I still dont see how to steall a cookie to eat at home unless you were in their account and therefore could access it that way im kind of zoning out about it though its more a bore to think about. Sqlite and reading them i might look at next

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Yes from my IT degree I am confident that this ‘tracking’ they speak of is impossible stealing cookies and such. Its just not possible if you are not phsycially connected somehow. I myself have downloaded Sqlite browser I can see the firefox cookies in it. Look somewhere on some site there can be a cookie which reveals urls. We have to look I was scared of the creepy guy.

Wit your help @TheOne_and_Only we may be able to get to the bottom of it.

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Thats what im saying what if some maniac logged into your youtube account and stayed logged in for months looking at the history. We jus dont know the depravity

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Omg you think he did that? I thought I changed my password but still how long do you think he could have stayed loged in in your professional opinion? Looking at gmail and youtube history. That goes outside cookies even thanks

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The battle between good and evil. Love prevails.

As long as he didnt lose electricity or lose the session, indefinitely i would say. I have an exercise for you. Log into an account then change the password then see how long you can stay logged in. Who knows it may even be possible to switch to the same session in other browsers by putting the session cookie in.

But anyway see how long you can stay logged in i think we have our answer believe me i did the IT course i know what options there are for tracking. There is no flaw in your knowledge

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See you when you get back you were a true hero for me :slightly_smiling_face:

It souds like you have finished your IT degree bro aside from advancing what you are already doing all that is left is creating forms for others to fill out, like a visual hallucination they can’t tell the difference :joy: Id like to go fishing with you some time if we ever meet

In relation to other post I beleve i got a message from a higher power. When you were 19 right you had the worst equiment ever no money only what your mother or parents gave you. You would have killed for gloves like that bake then (the under Armour pair).

You had nothing back then yet was doing the same thing so it comes clear that this equipment you currently possess is very advanced operational wise. If you could get by then you certainly can get by with that under amour pair.

Here i did it i put super slick durable tape under the monitor. It is over a piece of hard plastic placemat i stuck to the bottom with double sided 3m adhesive tape. Its so the monitor slides easy i also put some along my drawers of a dresser i have thank you for the tip @Purple_Beast

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