That sense that everything fits

That feeling like things have been adding up to this moment, that past events flow so nicely into current ones, that previous episodes of your life make so much sense, a sense of continuity, indeed, things adding up so nicely that a sense of necessity becomes apparent. I do not want to say meant to be, for I do not like to commit to magical thinking. The question, then, becomes how to otherwise conceive of such a feeling?

It happens occasionally. Everything comes together and everything seems just like it’s supposed to be and it ain’t that bad.


To say that everything works together is better to think of it happening, and not toward a desired end. I have found I want results all the time, and that has plagued me with the feeling that I deserve better. We need to be empty really to let the spirit pour in.

That’s a human thing.We’re hopeless Truthmakers. We’re creating the paths between the disparate spots and we are connecting the dots in the process of remembering. That’s how we make stories (or fairy tales) out of mess which is our life.

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