That "same ol' same ol'" feeling

I think it means I’m ready to try something new. Only what?

Maybe a new hobby or way to occupy your mind?

I just Googled hobbies-a list and got a lot of ideas. I think I’ll look into getting a gerbil, cooking, learning German and/or writing.


I like gerbil’s they are sort of cute. I don’t have one though. I accidently killed my cousin’s gerbil and felt so bad about it, I haven’t been able to get one for fear of what might happen.

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I think it was you who posted some things way back - One or two sentences, signed by Wanda the goodhearted Witch or something like that. I think you wrote them. They were good.

Obtain a German gerbil, write it’s last Will and Testament out and then cook it!

Nick, you are just too funny.