That One Time I Vandalized a Woman's Car

While I was in a PHP a few months ago, taking Latuda, I became convinced that there were countless green Kia Souls just like the one above, following me everywhere I went. I became convinced that they were from the CIA and that they were responsible for the voice in my radio and for the implant in my pelvic region.

One day while I was in PHP (This is where you go to the program during the day and go home in the evening) I went for a smoke break and saw one of these hideous cars in the parking lot. I thought I was about to be taken off to some death camp, or that some kind of experimental surgery would be performed.

I grabbed the knife in my car and I slashed the tires of this evil green car. I also left a note on the windshield that said “STOP FOLLOWING ME YOU ■■■■■■■!!!”

A few hours later my PHP therapist pulled me out of group and asked if I knew about the tires being slashed. I said “nope”. Turns out the car belonged to a woman who worked at the prosthetics store next to the PHP office. She was scared. But so was I.

Oh baby

nobody really in real life

you think?

I get run off the road sometimes,
no big deal.
Stop your reactions honey.

what would a certain car have to do with it?

The CIA bought them they all drive the same car, that’s what I thought

You have to have more control than that!

I’ve seen lots of ■■■■ and never acted upon it.

What were you thinking?

Are you taking your meds?

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This isn’t recent, it was a few months ago. And yeah I was taking Latuda.

nothing can be done on the surface.
If you suspect stuff, it’s best to find out if it’s physical
if it’s not, you’re screwed.
Nobody gonna buy that.
glad you didn’t call the cops.

are you on meds now? that is horrible. I carried a knife one time while ill because I thought some men were trying to rape me. I could have really hurt someone for that only instant that I was ill…the rest of the time I was trying to just escape torture from the devil.


I’m barely on meds… Only taking 5mg of Abilify, not enough to help. I called the nurse today hopefully she calls me tomorrow.

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my little brother has a pocket knife… :expressionless:

he is quite… daring. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

I’m more of a Flight > Fight guy. :disappointed_relieved:

only do enough to stop symptoms,

I told my docs

no way am I gaining weight again.

I don’t think it’s just you, I believe you,
and I think you should try to redirect yourself.

I constantly say that to my son, Turn it around.

Always stay this way. Psychosis brings out our base instincts, so if you have to pick one, always pick flight. You’ll get into much less trouble this way.


I remember that there was a time I thought that people were following me and I kept seeing cars that I thought looked familiar on the road. One time I even drove around a set of houses for about half and hour trying to ditch the cars that were following me. Then I saw someone in a car that I thought was pull up to me at a light and I started laughing at him because I thought I led them on a wild goose chase. Never vandalized someone’s car. Thought of it though a couple of times but never went that far.