That Life Changing Moment When You First Tried a Sour Cream 'N Onion Potato Chip

Where were you?

I was 10 years old at a Hockey Camp. I thought to myself, “First they put a man on the Moon…and now this!!?”


Lower West Mongolia. I was 8 years old working among the native population building wells in villages. The local bush pilot flew in some groceries from a 7-11 deep in Ghana and I just happened to spot the sour cream & onion chips. The rest is history.


You had me until you said you were 8 years old. I would of atleast thought you’d be 10

I was also around 8. Grabbed a big handful of what I thought were regular chips, took a bite, and immediately started crying. I hated them. My parents found it hilarious, which only made me cry more.


Never had one - Im not sure you can even get them in the uk.

Sound Delish.

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