That horrible, unsettling feeling is back

That something bad is going to happen. Feel scared.

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I had that earlier in the week, but nothing bad happened


Sorry you’re going through that, @Jimbob. Is there something that you can do to take your mind off it? Music or videos or something? I have often dealt with these feelings and I know it is hard. Know that you’re not alone, brother. You’re in my prayers.

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Thanks. Making myself a cup of sweet tea - that usually helps.


Am a big enigma fan. In fact I am going to play them now.


By the way, I live in Toronto Canada and I set the Toronto Elephants free.

Am I full of it ?

I am afraid not !

The eyes of truth. As I said, you are protected. The pain that I had to endure to do so is beyond human comprehension.

When I say it is I, it is I who see, am am being truthful.

Listen to my words in the video over and over and over again. Begin to see the truth.

I promise you, the eyes of the truth are always watching you.

I know you will not respond. Fear not !

@Jimbob Sorry you’re not feeling well. Are your parents back from their vacation yet?

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Jimbob try to sweeten the tea with a sugar substitute- that’s healthier than sugar.

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Another week until my folks get back.

You might start feeling better and less anxious as their return date approaches.


I figured out what schizophrenia is, and now I use my powers.

Love you all.

Do you like my video ?

It is I.

No joking my friends.

She prays not to the sun, but to the son.

I forgive.

I see. I see. It is I who sees. It is I who now sees the truth.

ugh I hate that feeling. It’s awful. That sense of dread. It’s really invasive.

Lexapro took that away for me really quickly.

Turn around my friend. You are the boss.

What’s lexapro? An AD?

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Yes it’s an AD. When I first started seeing my current psychiatrist I was suffering really bad anxiety, just constant. He put me on 10mg of Lexapro and it worked to alleviate the anxiety almost overnight.

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I used to get that feeling of impending doom when I was coming off a hard drinking binge.