That guy really burns me up

Many people think the devil lives in hell, but he actually lives in the details.


that’s a beautiful word. I use it in my poems sometimes.

how can you be a thief, saint nick? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I love that stuff. But in the eighties, my boss used to sell a drink called ambrosia that was a mixture of different fruits and protein and milk. When I used to work early in the morning there before anyone else I used to sneak the stuff out of the refrigerator. I never got caught. In fact we had a whole selection of freshly made drinks like orange juice, or apple juice. I used to always sneak them. I guess it was technically stealing but I didn’t think of it that way.

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Oh I’m still a saint. Even saints shoplift pencils sometimes or jaywalk.


I envision black feathers falling as the most beautiful angel fell from the top…things are hardly so simple as he’s the bad guy…he noticed god gifted man with free will and thought him and his fellow angels deserved at least the same freedom of choice…they were made first after all why shouldn’t they be allotted freewill…

the devil wants you to think he’s an imaginary figure, then he has you right where he wants you.

I consult Flip Wilson before I make any religious-based decisions.


That’s funny flip Wilson actually plays the devil on my shoulder…his counter part is Samuel Jackson as the angel on my other shoulder…sometimes I question his wording…being he’s the angel and all…


get him an ice pack yo, cool that cat down :blush: