That feeling you get when you're around normal people

You think “they’re all exactly how I used to be”


Yes I feel the same.

Its bcz I lost my emotions. Normal ppl have emotions.

That’s strange I don’t think that I always think their better than me somehow and think I was brought up on the wrong side of the tracks or something. I don’t think of myself as ever being normal. I was a strange kid from a poor, dysfunctional family.

Yeah, no, I was never typical. I never understood why the other kids were the way they were, and always felt separate from everyone.
I look at people who appear to be “not haunted” and who have things in common with many other people, the kinds of things that are advertised and widely distributed, and I feel exactly the same. I don’t understand why people are the way they are, and I feel separate from everyone.
Sometimes I wish I was “normal”, but I never wish that I wanted the same things or spoke or looked the same. I sometimes wish I wasn’t so tense and didn’t have to pay such close attention to my thoughts and what I’m saying. If normal means relaxed and just living life, then I sometimes wish I was that way.

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