That ever happen to you?

You ever look beyond the world you are in?

And realize you are a charachter in a novel that was written by someone?

That nothing was as it seemed in the beginning?

If this happened to you would you question the writer of said novel?

I thought the usual at first, has to be a ■■■■■■■ experiment, no way around that.

But the view opened more and more and more.

Horrified i stood before the writer of the novel as one of it’s charachters and knew it was all intentional and that they could have made or written anything at all.

As the terror grew and grew and my heart began to swell and my chest began to heave and the sweat began to come out i questioned the writer’s sanity. And he liked it. Question all that you like he said.

I walk in the endless maze of confusing truth now and i can’t get out. I thought knowledge was supposed to help or fix it, but it just made it worse. I began ignorant and i was home, the truth came calling and now i’m lost.

It’s presented so many questions that i’ll never have the answers to.

The light shown just a little bit and i could see i knew absolutely nothing where as i thought i knew it all.

That ever happen to you?

Dear Friend,

All I can say is, I couldn’t read your lengthy post.

But I can clearly tell you that it happened to me in the past.

When ever I post something similar I would end up with no reply or a meaningless reply.

So, as I developed learning disorder I couldn’t read it.

But the good news is, I came to senses about what’s happening.

And, what’s happening is, when we post something lengthy, our Brain activity,

our individual, unique brain activity allows us to post something so awesome

and on the other hand to someone else, it’s like

What ?

What ?

etc and etc;