That Ballad I'm Working On

Here’s where I’m at so far. I just sang and played my guitar into my daughter’s apple iphone.

Falling to Pieces

I touched the droplets on the pane
You always loved it when it rained
I crossed the hallway once again
And took your picture from the frame

Slowly change, hit the lights
Crawl into bed, hold on tight
And dream about you…without you

I’m falling to pieces, what went wrong I don’t know
I’m falling to pieces, finding it hard to let go.

We wrote the last page of our lives
All those words we couldn’t hide
So it’s the end, it’s goodbye
But you can’t say we didn’t try

Maybe things went too far
And I was no saint, but you played hard
I think about you…without you

I’m falling to pieces, what went wrong I don’t know
I’m falling to pieces, with a love like this
I thought I could never say never
I guess you just never know


Sounds sweet Patrick!!!

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Thanks, buddy!

It’s written for a female lead. I’d like to hear what @anon10648258 thinks about this little tune. Perhaps she could sing a version of it, to really make it shine!

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Thanks for the heart, @Genbu !

You always struck me as a man of letters…how have you been? :slight_smile:

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nice, so many good musicians on this forum

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Thanks Siggy…

It’s a work in progress. I’d love to hear a female sing my ballad…perhaps with some strings accompanying it.

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I’m doing better a bit.

A lot on my mind I want to write about regarding delusions and spirituality.

So many things I’ve realized since coming into Teal Swans videos.

Its just weird and a bit depressing to see how I’ve been delusional in ways no one around me is aware of.

Trying to let go of regret about how I’ve lived but I try to accept it thinking, “Anyone else in your shoes would do the same.”.

Helps to foster an atmosphere of self-compassion.

But for the most part I feel more stable as time goes on.

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Youve got a great singing talent @anon39054230! Great job on that and the guitar, loving it!

You and @anon10648258 gotta do a duet I bet it would be amazing!

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You’re a good person, @Genbu,

Live in the present. I have many regrets as well…just part and parcel of aging. You live long enough, you are bound to screw up somewhere!

You’re such a deep thinker all the time. Perhaps it’s time to just go with the flow and try not to over-analyze life so much.

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You are miles ahead of me in the musician department. Your ‘String Theory’ instrumental post is wonderful! I appreciate your compliment! :slight_smile:

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Excellent song :grinning:

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Thanks for summoning me. I would love to sing this song!
However my energy has been down lately and I hate it…I will do it when I recover my spoons a little :slight_smile:


Good news!

Mr @zwolfgang and I have been collaborating behind the scenes. I think he should have an instrumental version of my ballad ready for your listening pleasure very soon!

Can’t wait! :sunny:

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You have much talent and a big heart

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Thank you, @Daze ,

That’s such a sweet compliment coming from a fellow artist like yourself! :sunny:

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Just finished my cover, here it is! Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making this. Special thanks to @anon39054230 and his beautiful song



Relatives tell me the bare bones version of just me singing is the bee’s knees.

But my musician buddies are telling me that Z’s Orchestral version is awesome!

I’m torn!


  • Me Just singing with the guitar version
  • Zwolfgang’s instrumental version

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I was personnaly awestruck when Z presented his Orchestral version of my tune.

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I just heard the one with you on guitar and @zwolfgang 's instrumental.

Is there a final version ?

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We’ve only hooked up on this musical project over the last 2 days. It’s all a work in progress…but I’m loving every minute of it!