Does it get any worse than that?

Seriously does it get worse?

Eat a good meal if you can but for god’s sake don’t force eachother to be thankful for it.

Can we really be thankful for things if we only want them because if you take them away you will be tortured? Food, a home, transport, if you take them away you will suffer horribly, thanks, no thanks.

Giving thanks for this and anything in it is so insanely evil i can’t stand it.

I wonder how thankful the farmers and factory workers are for this holiday? Nothing but work for them, they’ll need lots of booze to bear it all.

Yet another pointless holiday based on horrible unloving principles, i love it!

A home.

Im thankful for the thing i have to have so i am not tortured to death by the elements. It’s so nice to have one, it’s either that or get tortured by the elements.

Well you could be homeless.

Yeah, it’s better than that but im forced to have one, the only reason i have one is to not be murdered or tortured by the elements. Im not thankful is all im saying.

Otherwise i would scour the globe freely and happily, id be at the bottom of the grand canyon right now actually.

Houses, not good, homelessness, even worse.

Is this place nothing but a prison? Really looks like one actually.

Food, i don’t want food, i have to eat it so my body doesn’t get tortured. Having food sucks, not having it is worse. Thankful for it and this situation, thats insanity.

I always figured things getting worse for me would mean me ending up homeless or going to prison. So, I’m thankful neither of those things have happened to me yet. I don’t do anything wrong that would land me in prison, but I do have a fear of getting accused of something I didn’t do. The grand canyon would be a cool place to live though, I would love to go for a long hike there.

Shouldn’t be thankful for that though.

No thanks whatsoever would be people’s best bet.

Grand canyon, id be there right now. Id stay for a time and move on. But im trapped in this house, hiding from the elements. And if i don’t stay in this house then it’s torture. I just can’t be thankful for anything, it’s wonderful that i have found this, it feels like it should.

Thanklessness is the way to feel entirely, we all know we got boned so just let it out you know, just feel it and give no thanks like you really want to.