Thanks for the memories

When I found this site so many years ago
I was struggling thinking

I had DID related massive targeting
childhood bullying
And I came to understand

The larger implications
Of a triple diagnosis

I haven’t changed much as far as how opinionated I am
And many people call it bad behavior

They end up hating or otherwise deciding
I am really a person who can’t be credited

So many truly wonderful people have left the site
And I will have to be one of them
If I hope to survive

Try to remember if you start a thread you should reply in some way to everyone who comments on it
That’s common courtesy and it doesn’t take much

yes I’ve spent too much time on here
and my man and many others close to me hate it

but I have gotten support and made friends
and I’ve learned a lot

I hope the new year blesses everyone
with happiness and love

it’s hard to describe the kind of criticism and hatred I’ve taken in my life over the years

it has taken a huge toll
I won’t be paying anymore


are you leaving again? i hope we helped you a little bit, i liked your comments but sometimes found them a little bit kryptic but thats ok, if you are going i hope the world is kind to you :slight_smile: take care.


You really have an amazing way with words. I hope one day you write again.

Daze, whatever you do, take care of yourself. Treat yourself well. I wish you peace.


I’m in the book. …

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Ever considered what you see as hating is also coming from people’s opinions. If you consider yourself opinionated , others can be too. Just saying. Best Wishes… I might not like what you say sometimes , but I respect that you have your rights to those opinions but don’t necessarily have to agree with them. Am I even making sense ? Hmmmm

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Yeah of course

I’ve tried to criticize the post or comments

And not the person

Thanks though

I iwll miss your posts @Daze but I understand if you feel you need a break. It’s a busy season now anyway, best to give your attention to the happy time of Christmas

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Merry Christmas @anon84763962

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Merry Christmas @Daze :blush:

Wish you all the best @Daze

Maybe and Hopefully you can pay us a visit soon.

Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year @Daze. Take care.

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Tailgated all the way into kwik star when I pulled in so did they. They backed into spot front of store. I shopped and looked for them but they were gone. The life of a target. @neveragain please read.

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We know it’s community and beyond the reason nobody knows

F-uck off bastards


Wow daze I love the hat looks real stylish on u!! (I’m not joking)

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Hi daze :christmas_tree:

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That’s a good picture of you @Daze. You look young and hip.

Nah we all get older

Sorry to be back I just don’t know

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I hate the feeling of (am I being targeted of not??). I think sometimes that they’ve let off a little bit, and now they want to see what I do next. I swear I saw generals and military co workers driving in my city but there’s nothing I can do. I’m stuck in a head space that prevents me from taking the action I need to take. I just freeze up thinking, (they’re watching me and targeting me every day).

It’s difficult daze, but we’ll get through it.

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I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year @Daze

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