Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone from 77nick77

There’s too many of you guys to thank separately so I hope all of you see this.


Happy birthday …


sorry for not cyber-stalking you sooner.

happy birthday! :smiley:

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Happy birthday dude


Aw say it isn’t so, I didn’t miss it did I??
Hope you have (had?) a delightful be-lated BíRtHdåy @77nick77

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Thanks Csummers.

What did you do for your Bday Nick?

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Slept in, took a drive, did my laundry and then my sisters took me out to dinner. After dinner we went shopping for a coat for me but we couldn’t find one.Than they took me to Best Buy but they didn’t tell me why but when we got there they bought me some gadget that I can’t explain. It’s called a "dot’. It has a radio, an alarm, and you can ask it questions by speaking to it. You refer to the voice of the gadget as "Alexendra"
It has other functions too, it’s pretty cool. We had plans to go to the movies but we were all beat so we’re going next week.