Thanks a lot!


i would like to introduce myself to all of you. I have a daughter with sza, a son with aspergers and i have very mild visual hallucinations on rare occasions. tonight i was enjoying some wonderful thanks a lot girl scout cookies. i wanted to thank everyone (especially the diagnosed) for being my education, my smile, and for helping me to mold my life into major compassion for anyone dealing with mental illness. take care .


Hi, welcome, I hope you get even more out of this than you have already. Good luck to your family.


Hi, welcome.
I got thin mints…delicious.


Welcome! I hope you’ll like it here.


Welcome, daynighter! I have sza. Good to have you!


thanks for the welcome! you all are a warm hearted bunch. take care.


nom nom nom


too funny daydreamer! that really put a smile on my face! take care.


Hi daynighter welcome aboard :smiley:


thought i would say hi too.
take care