Thankful for the path gods given me

Im thankful that god has protected me. Its crazy how he truly believes what he is doing is hurting me. Your kids hear and see everything. As far as me being hurt angry or bitter not at all. The next woman will have to deal with it. And yes you said im narcissist, im arrogant and self conceded. No i was never. Now im thinking about me and i will make it regardless of what you think raising our kids on my own without your help with a disability with my head held high. Make all the exscuses you want for not wanting to help out. And yes the government helps the disabled not ashamed of it anymore nor do i feel less of a person because of this. Sorry you feel some kind of way for people with disabilities recieving help. I cant do nothing for your immense resentment other than to not let it beat me down anymore. I will be happy and live a great life with my messed up leg and my beautiful mind. I feel like today i did a great job didnt let myself get depressed and didnt let my paranoia get to me. God is good.

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