Thank you guys so much! my normal personality just came swimming back into focus / over the most mad section of minor relapse - hopefully

just want to say thank you
going to be more caring now
I feel like i just show off mostly


Are you getting enough sleep?


i will… @everhopeful
last night from 6pm - 9am
then 1-4pm
some mania, mad walking and across on the ferry and back for fun
a phone call to the services, some hand washing, sensible shoe shopping on ebay later and suddenly came swimming back into my head

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don’t worry three. growth is really naturally on a curve for the sake of our balance.

maybe the healthy side will be predominant now or soon three.

my therapist is also trying to get me to get the healthy side of my brain predominant. i am n ot sure i can,



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thanks judy
i feel better again today
how long have you been doing therapy?

Are you on antipsychotics?

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yes x
i have been for a very long time
blip in mental health probably caused by stress from covid threat ongoing for so long
and forgetting meds for a few evenings while i was deteriorating slightly

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