Thank you and still a little sad

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I cant thank everyone enough. A little sad a out my dad. My mother in law didn’t get it. I told her the very last words I heard from my dad last year was happy birthday baby and she just said everyone’s dads wish them happy birthday no big deal.

Anyway I should change the subject got a new coffee maker single serve can use coffee grounds or k pods. Earbuds, note books, two coffee mugs one fron salvation army that I love with a frog on it. Tons of shirts most very nice. My favorite is a white and black button up one.

I went to the haunted house at the nursing home my partner works at and I passed out candy. I got a little paranoid to be honest.


Nice unicorn! :unicorn:
I’m sorry you are sad. ((Hugs))

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many a time I worked doing charity, and found stuff push off on me. sadend by this experience, I learned people are not perfect. you need to lead and take control.

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@FatMama thank you, I just miss him. He would have called me at 6am and wished me happy birthday.

@DrZen what did it was the fact being told me to give the trick or treaters one piece of candy and it felt like people were judging me for not giving the kids more.

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