Thank goodness ive been listened to

finally got the results i waited for all my life. im not a freak as my brother used to say and im not a jungle savage!!!

psychiatric nurse came back to see me today, and i can get an apointment with psychiatrist now !!! also theres gonna e support fr me n the hubby.

thank goodness for this site as well.

im glad i can discuss these with all of you and you give me some sound advice xxxxx


it takes a lot to be considered a freak in my eyes. I hate that word. I was considered a freak in high school mostly because I didn’t date. I was even asked out and I still said no. anyway I too am grateful to this site and i’m glad you can get an appointment with a psychiatrist.


I was asked to junior prom but I said no. I isolated a lot in hs.

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I too was asked to dances but I always said no I didn’t know if it was just a prank like in carrie

yeh school was the pits for me too. but if i gott into any relatonship it was doomed from the start. my doctor was the family doctor who told mum n dad everything so i couldnt say anything to me.

they all took the micky out of my uncle who had been admitted and they et him out sometimes but on odd occasions he would be voluntary and stay in for a few days but they practically fried his brain poor man, he was so gentle with us, and he loved his paintings xxx

thank you xxxx

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