Thank goodness for meds

There is a utility company working outside. Lots of folk in hi-vis clothes.

At one point I would have instantly freaked out about this. I know exactly what conclusion I would have come to: it’s undercover cops doing surveillance.

In fact I even just heard someone say ‘I will put a camera on it to get some footage.’

Again this would have twisted my melon man but today I took things in my stride. I rationalised the utility company as being just that - a utility company.

And when I thought about I realised the camera comment was either just a hallucination or maybe some one on a bike with a go-pro.

Man it has taken me best part of twenty years to get to a stage when I can take things in my stride


The fact that I had taken my depot three hours earlier might have helped


Good for you bud.
I feel the same way sometimes, don’t know what I would do without them either really.

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That’s awesome bro. I’m glad you don’t have to deal with all that fear anymore

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That’s amazing! Im happy for you

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